An Experienced Team

Dedicated To Your Needs


The team's cumulated experience in developing instruments is more than 50 years


The company DIAGDEV has been created in April, 2008 by Roger LE COMTE with an experienced team. Their deep commitment is to imagine, to create and to develop instruments for the diagnostic field including POCT, VET and new technologies.

When I was a young child, my passion was to make something exist with quite nothing like pieces of wood or cardboard. With a little bit of imagination it’s largely enough to make a plane and make it fly !
I continued my young career with MECANO and LEGO parts, and finally one of the great chance in my life was to turn my passion into a job. I was Director of Research in a large company specialized in diagnostics instruments where I created and managed many analyzers projects with an international commercial success.
I am the Chairman of DIAGDEV.
Pieces of cardboard have been obviously replaced by technologies !


DIAGDEV company is at the heart of a network of internal and external skills and knowhow.


One part of DIAGDEV' resources are devoted to build an own range of products on the theme of slide preparation, staining and reading for hematology, cytology and bacteriology.

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