Innovative Products

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Innovation Box

Dedicated for Major Actor in Diagnostic Market


We are a Creativity Center.

Innovation is the heart and soul of the company and we continuously develop ideas and concepts.


You are a major actor in diagnostic market and you want to build your evolution with innovative products.

 > Distributor : Progressively build your own product line is the best way to sell where you want at your conditions.

 > Large company : You need to renew your line of products in spite of increasing product development costs.


Innovation Box contains products at different levels of development. We are looking for partners:


Be active in the present to be present in the future


Innovation Box product list include concepts for POCT and VET markets, projects  for  Clinical laboratories (feasibility already done) and available commercial product.


Product list:


Instrument Applications
Portable ESR device in 10 seconds on capillary blood POCT – VET
Multi slide spreader CLINICAL LABS
Multi slide spreader and stainer CLINICAL LABS
Capillary blood analyzers concepts POCT – VET
Dedicated VET offices analyzers concepts VET


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