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10 Mono Slide Stainer in one



10 positions available

User may stain one to ten slides and load anyone slide he needs in any position he want.

Insert the slide

The user inserts the slide in a position. Choice of position has no importance.

The slide falls down inside the staining well.The identification area remains outside and it becomes possible to use a barcode label as an identifier.

The user turns clockwise the lever to close the staining well.
DEL previously lighted green turns red when the slide is detected by the stainer.


Slide detected

DEL lighted red indicates that the slide is correctly detected by the stainer and for the user that the position is occupied. No reagents are used in a free position.


Select and run

User selects one programmed staining cycle for smears or bone marrow and press run cycle button.
Using 10 slide stainer is totally hand free to allow to perform other tasks.
Staining cycle duration depend of  the protocol used.
Usually around 15 minutes.


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