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10 Mono slide stainers in one

Specific Benefits


The SafeColor H10 is a new concept of stainer on the market with 10 individuals mono slide stainer integrated.



Run from one to ten slide at the same time

Can be used for STAT or routine with the same facility
• No risk of cross contamination
• Economy : No waste of reagents


Unique concept of staining

Identification area keeps clean
• Dyes are only on the smear
• Very low volume of dyes and waste : respect of environment



Integrated Giemsa dilution

- Dilution is automated and made immediately before use

- No need to pre dilute Giemsa
- High repeatability of Giemsa staining

Reagent management

- LUER connector facilitates reagent replacement
- Remaining staining cycles for each reagent
- Easy visual control of level
- Level detector and audible alarm on waste bottle
- Automatic prime and cleaning cycles


Low volume of fresh reagent in each individual stainer

* High repeatability of staining

* No risk of cross contamination
* Cost effective


Automated shut down

* shut down after 30 minutes of don’t use
* cost effective



based on Pollen CMS