Innovation in

Product Development


Never be alone.  A project must always be kept in a flow of skills and knowhows during its development


We work closely with a network of experts in some complementary disciplines indispensable to guarantee the success of your project. For example; we have specialized partners in regulatory affairs, industrial property, industrialization or biology...

We have also developed and validated a network of sub contractors to develop or to make manufactured parts.


Be innovative

No future without innovation.

This is the way for an experimented team to keep fun in developing instruments.
Create innovation is one basic rule of the company for all our products.


Make simple

Making it simple is another basic rule of the company:
It is when each function becomes like purified and when all the technical complexity is definitively inside.
It is an art enhanced by experience.

The cost of a product is largely linked to the simplicity and the limpidity of the concept.
To make it simple is finally the best way to put a cost effective product on the market.


Keep close to the project

A project is like an expedition where everything has been carefully prepared before leaving. Along the way we know that there will be some days bringing us great satisfactions and others more stressing ones. This is the rule.
Working every day on the project with regularity and tenacity keeping a clear view of the final objective is the solution.


Well define the product

The request for a product development is the expression of a global need that takes mainly in consideration the market and the competitors but does not include technical aspects needs that our technical team will have to manage.

Our strategy is to gather all your main specifications and priorities and to prepare for you a global approach of your future product including technologies choices, expected production cost, developments costs, aesthetic visualization and timing.

We will after take charge of the translation of your needs into technical specification requests.


Be responsible

We have a strong contract with you and we are responsible from the concept until full completion.

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