Innovation in

Product Development


Each project is different in size or complexity

and this is an attractive part of our job.


Project development is divided in phases with a quite similar structure: define specifications, carry out the feasibilities, integrate the technologies and produce a prototype.
We can add a preliminary phase of investigation and a post phase for industrialization.
Depending on the complexity, the user interface can be a separate project with its own phases within the full project.



Create and define

Our experience shows that for the project to be successful,this is the key phase.

 We must consider in great depth the specifications, which generally related to:

    - Level of innovation expected
    - Market specificities
    - Product environment
    - User profile
    - Level of automatism
    - Duration of development
    - Development cost
    - Market product cost expected
    - Scale of priorities

This is an interactive phase with the customer to find out the best way to satisfy the requests.
Work together to draft effective specifications.


Our Creativity Center is a definitive added value in this phase.

At the end of this phase, we have all the information concerning the future product including aesthetic
pre visualization if wanted.


Check the crucial points

The previous phase 1 includes a risk analysis study to identify and describe all specific technical points that are to be checked to guarantee project achievement.


Phase 2 is often called "Feasibility phase".


Feasibility phase generally concerns the analytical process and its environment. The length and the complexity of this phase are closely linked to the innovation level of the project.


Design and integrate the technologies

Feasibility has been carried out in the previous phase.


This phase is dedicated to the design and production of the technical elements in each R&D department, and make them work together to get requested performances.


It's like a technical jigsaw where each element must fit in with the others to constitute the heart of the project.



Realize the prototype

Prototype is useful to validate the final concept. It must be as close as possible to the final instrument.  All the technologies are documented.


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