Innovation in

Product Development

Diagnostic world is moving.

It's now time to anticipate and to be more creative


The heart and soul of our company is creativity and innovation.  Every project is a new adventure and a personal challenge. Creativity is more than just being different. It's making something complicated simple.


Let go your ideas.

Our expert team of engineers, designers, scientists, consultants do not just create products.  Our team creates the added value to successfully introduce your product on its market :  that's make all the difference!


We are a creativity center!


You are somewhere in the world.

You are a major actor in the diagnostic market  and you want to build your evolution with innovative products.


Distributor:  Progressively  build your own product line is the best way to sell where you want at your conditions.

Large company:  You need to renew your line of products in spite of increasing product development costs

Reagent’s producers:  You can enhance your sales with a dedicated analyzer

Technology developers: You need a product to integrate the analytical principle you have successfully developed.


Diagnostic world is moving. It is now time to anticipate and develop leading edge technologies


You need us !


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